Déjà Vu (EP)

by David Ullman

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Northeast Ohio newcomer David Ullman quietly released his debut single “Déjà vu” on December 19, 2006. The single, which includes an acoustic mix of the song “Secondhand,” features two eccentric B sides, “Snakebit” and “Mulletman,” as well. “Déjà vu” will also feature on Ullman’s forthcoming album DOG DAYS which is due for release this summer.

Like those from his impending full-length release, the songs on “Déjà vu” were recorded by Ullman himself—piecemeal in bedrooms, basements and bathrooms over a period of several years. The low-key approach to the sessions yielded intimate and unaffected performances from Ullman as well from his brother Brian (electric guitars & bass), and longtime friends Sean Kammer (keys) and Logan Ramsier (percussion).

This serendipitous method of recording also inspired the promotional video for “Déjà vu,” which was produced by the Pennsylvania-based Ship-King Media LLC (www.ship-king.com) in July of 2005. The video dramatizes Ullman’s writing and recording of the song, using the acoustics of bathroom-tile to enliven the track. Downloadable on www.davidullman.net, the clip was co-directed by Ship-King partner David Urbanic and Ullman’s longtime collaborator, the internationally acclaimed visual artist Matthew Jackson.

Brian Ullman, David’s younger brother, engineered the sessions for “Mulletman” and “Snakebit,” as well as creating the electronic drum loop for the latter, which he edited together from industrial sounds recorded at a factory where both brothers once worked. Brian also played bass and electric guitar as well as acting a general sounding-board for the elder Ullman’s own attempts at producing. In addition to digitally mastering the mixes for public release, Sean Kammer played piano on “Déjà vu,” and Logan Ramsier performed the live percussion parts under David’s direction.

“Déjà vu” will appear, unaltered, on the full-length DOG DAYS, as will a full-band mix of “Secondhand.” The B sides are exclusive to the single.

-February 2007


released December 19, 2006


Recorded by David Ullman
Mixed by Brian & David Ullman
Vocals & Guitars: David Ullman
Piano: Sean Kammer

Recorded & Mixed by David & Brian Ullman
Vocals & Guitars: David Ullman
Bass & End Guitar: Brian Ullman
Djembe Drum: Logan Ramsier

Recorded & Mixed by Brian Ullman
Vocals & Acoustic Guitars: David Ullman
Electric Guitars, Bass & 'Reason' Programming: Brian Ullman
Live Drums: Logan Ramsier, Recorded by David Ullman

Recorded by Brian Ullman
Mixed by David Ullman
Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, & Hand-claps: David Ullman
Electric Guitar, Bass & Hand-claps: Brian Ullman
Drums: Logan Ramsier, Recorded by David Ullman

All songs written by David Ullman

Mastered by Sean Kammer

Photo by Matthew G. Jackson

Layout & Design by DJU


all rights reserved


Track Name: Déjà Vu
I feel I’ve been here before
Staring calmly at the open door
I knew you’d be back this way
You spoke softly, said you couldn’t stay

You’d hoped to find me a changed man
I know I haven’t; please understand
It’s in the way you move me
Running in circles, and I can’t break free

I can feel it coming ‘round again
Love begins just to end again
Around and around, here we go again
Love begins just to end again

In every path there comes a time
When past and present meet and roads divide
Which way are you gonna go
Left or right, high or low

When did you know
That this was the end
And how can I go
When we were just beginning
To end …again

I can feel it comin’ down again
Love begins just to end again
Against the tide it’s sink or swim again
Love begins just to end again
Begins …to end …(here we go) again
Track Name: Secondhand (Acoustic)
I’ve been searching, can’t seem to find my way
Seems the nights get darker each and every day
This time I’ve wandered too far from home
Friends all around me, but I feel alone

I feel lost and broken, bent out of place
Shall I stay, or do you need some space
Different means all lead to the same end
How can we even try to pretend

I need a secondhand heart
Only slightly ripped apart
I need someone who will always be around
Unrequited from the start
Feel I was born to play the part
Give me someone who will never let me down

Sure I don’t miss what was missing
But oh how I miss kissing you (of course I do)
I miss your lips, your hips, your thighs
Miss the sparkle of your eyes
I know it’s gone now but I don’t know why
How did this become of me
How was I too blind to see
That the one you loved was no longer me
Was my heart in your hands just a pawn
Feelings faded like the night at dawn
Where was it that we went wrong
How am I supposed to heal
When I don’t know what it is I feel
Was it really ever real
I know kindness is contagious
So come on be courageous
Give your love away

With a secondhand heart
Only slightly ripped apart
Gotta somehow get my feet back on the ground
Unrequited from the start
No one’s born to play that part
Just find someone who will never let you down
Don’t let me down
Track Name: Snakebit
Tiny toothpick mother of two says
‘Listen up boy, I got some morals for you’
Frumpy little feline starting cat-fights on the close line
Cul-de sac house-wife, fanny pack brat
Young people this, young people that
‘It’s ‘cause of your generation we’re where we’re at’

My feet are burning; I need to sit down
Gotta get up out of this town
But they need to give directions a little more clear
Plus, I hit every damned light on my fucking way here

Cause I’m snakebit
This is bullshit
Doesn’t matter what I do or say
The devil, he’s gonna have his way
Cause I’m snakebit

Friday fantasies, five-day sentence
Living for the weekend with no repentance (that’s what’s great about being Catholic)
If you’re happy and you know it, then clap your hands
Work is what happens while you’re making other plans
These days people don’t live they work
Don’t mean to complain, to sound like such a jerk, but…


I hate to complain (but)
I know I got it good (but)
Gossip aint’ my thing (but)
I gotta, gotta say (what?!)

Ouija board won’t-cha
Gimme some more of that
Pseudo-intelectual, psycho-babble bullshit
It’s because of Satan and Santa Claus,
Satan and Santa Claus,
Satan and Santa Claus
Satan is Santa; Satan is


He goes after the big ones
The bishops and the nuns
Cause they’re the tasty ones (everyone loves to hate the Catholics)
Blame it on the baptists and Hillary Clinton
Hollywood values and liberal politicians

Track Name: Mulletman
Mulletman’s on the march again
Wearing designer shoes and a spray-on tan
Six-pack abs and frosted hair
Wears his pants low enough to see his underwear

Mulletman can pick a fight
He’ll slap you about just to prove his might
An all-star athlete, he’ll make the pass
Knock you flat, yeah he’ll kick your ass

He’s so handsome, sugar sweet
Sweeps the girls right off their feet
Mulletman, he’ll make you swoon
Unrefined, beautiful baboon

Mulletman, he’s got a plan
Gonna pick you up at a quarter-to-ten
He’s feelin’ frisky for romance
Knows a hundred ways to get in your pants
Gonna drive you to a secluded spot
He’ll give you every line he’s got
To get what he wants, he wants it all
In the morning promises he’ll give you a call

He’s so sexy, sugar sweet
Treats you like a piece of meat
How can other boys compete
He’s got it all, he’s such a creep

But this groovy gal, she’s on the prowl
Meets his pouty stare with lurid scowl
What he don’t know, he’ll soon find out
She’s the only one who knows what he’s about
She’s gonna drive him to the breakin’ point
Leave him all alone just to prove her point
That he’s not all that he thinks he is,
He’s just an unkind, dressed up, unchecked id.

He’s so sexy, sugar sweet
Sweeps the girls right off their feet
How can other boys compete
He’s got it all, but can’t you see

Mulletmen are everywhere
Seems the mold is broken beyond repair
Behind a plastic smile that’s two-feet wide,
The monkey-man-child is trying to hide
A two-faced façade, worn for all to see
It might fool her, man, but it don’t fool me

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